About Fantasy Trove

Long before I started making jewelry, I taught myself how to sew and make costumes because I thought it would be exciting to cosplay (dress up) as my favorite fictional characters!
Zelda Twilight Princess Armor
From there, I learned how to make props, such as armor, swords and shields - each unique to the character I wanted to represent.
To achieve the most accurate cosplay, I taught myself how to use epoxy resin, make silicone molds, use a 3D printer and more!
My costumes and prop tutorials have been featured in magazines.
I was a cosplay guest at Indiana Comic Con in 2017. And I won “Best In Show” at Anime Crossroads in 2019.
Also in 2019, I published a book about how to Cosplay on a budget, entitled 'Cosplay Cents', which featured many popular characters, their creators and valuable tips about crafting.
You can visit my Instagram page at JulieReneeHall to see more.

Moving Onto Jewelry

Although making costumes was fun, it got tiresome after awhile. So I decided to refocus my learned skills into making jewelry!
Since I am a big fan of vintage and fantasy, most of my jewelry carries those themes.
I create whatever makes me happy and what I believe would bring happiness to others!
I love making things that have a chance to become part of someone's cherished memories. People have worn my designs to weddings, proms, renaissance fairs and more.
One extra special story was from a woman who had recently lost her son. She said that he'd loved dragons, so she ordered a dragon locket to keep his memory alive.

My Promise To You

Often, people get tricked into buying something from someone who uses a third party to ship their item. These sellers never actually see the item beforehand. And, therefore, they cannot check it for quality.
As a result, their customers receive merchandise that is damaged or looks nothing like what they had ordered. In some cases, they do not even receive their order at all!
Each piece of jewelry from my store is lovingly made by me, or else cosigned from trusted sources.
Every item is carefully inspected and shipped directly from me. And what you see is exactly what you will get. Simple as that.
I will always provide a tracking number along with your order, and I will quickly respond to any problems you might encounter.
My goal is to earn your repeat business. But the only way I can do that is by providing excellent service from the start!
Be sure to check out my verified store reviews to see what others are saying about my work.